The CIC Experience: Victoria Li

The CIC Experience: Victoria Li

Working as a Project Assistant at the UBC Cloud Innovation Center (CIC) has been a journey of transformation, marked by delightful surprises and a genuine sense of community. As I take a reflective pause on my co-op term, it becomes evident that the CIC is not merely a workplace; it is a vibrant tapestry woven by passionate individuals united in their commitment to making a positive impact.

Embracing the Unfamiliar and Familiar

Entering the CIC on my first day with two other students, I couldn’t help but feel a mixture of excitement and anxiety. It was my first venture into a project-based role within an intimate workplace environment. However, any apprehensions quickly dissipated and I became inspired to join them as I discovered a team of skilled and motivated individuals who were not just colleagues but also go-getters with a shared vision. I leaned on the expertise of my fellow students and managers in the beginning. As a newcomer, the support and mentorship I received was invaluable. With time, I grew to be the one to take the reins in leading the team, as well as to be the one to support the team regardless of how rough the seas were. The workplace’s atmosphere of conscientious communication fostered a sense of belonging, a feeling I had rarely experienced in previous work settings. I’m happy to be a part of it.

Having a background in design, I was pleasantly surprised when my manager tailored my Project Assistant role to align with my skills and aspirations. For instance, I created infographics and wireframes. This not only allowed me to contribute meaningfully to the projects but also exemplified the CIC’s commitment to nurturing individual talents within the collaborative framework. Witnessing our ideas come to fruition and become tangible solutions that benefit others is a source of continuous inspiration. As someone with a design background, seeing my wireframes transformed into functional interfaces by skilled developers is not just professionally gratifying but personally fulfilling.

Teamwork is the Heartbeat of the CIC

Beyond the projects, the CIC fosters a culture of camaraderie. Our weekly in-person coffee breaks every Wednesday provide an opportunity to unwind, share life stories, and strengthen the bonds that make our teamwork even more seamless. Sometimes we play some games too! In a setting where projects are a collective effort, teamwork and collaboration are not just encouraged but essential.

Midway through my term, the dynamic shifted as new students joined and others left. Finding myself in a mentoring role, I became the glue that bound the team together at the initial stages, but as time flew by, the team and I had built bonds that extended beyond our co-op terms. I’m happy to have become friends with the people I met in my CIC journey. Team members at the CIC are open-minded and diverse– creative ideas are not only welcomed but celebrated. Potential issues are swiftly addressed through the trust and bond we’ve cultivated, thanks to open communication channels.

A Grateful Farewell and a New Standard for Collaboration

As my co-op term at the UBC Cloud Innovation Center comes to an end, I am grateful to have had the privilege of leading and assisting in projects that contribute to positive changemaking in various and all communities. As well, the CIC has set a new standard for collaboration, one that revolves around teamwork, mentorship, and a genuine community spirit. I leave not just with enhanced professional skills but also with cherished memories and a deep appreciation for each person who contributed to making this experience truly exceptional.

The UBC Cloud Innovation Center is more than a workplace; it’s a place where passion, creativity, and collaboration converge to set new standards for innovation and community building. I will undoubtedly miss the CIC, but the impact it has had on my personal and professional growth will resonate long into the future.

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