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Capstone Projects

UBC Engineering students must complete a major, year-long capstone project during their final year to solve real-world problems proposed by community partners. Students are grouped into teams of four to six to design a product or service that solves an open-ended problem within the context of the students’ engineering program. At the end of the school year, students participate in a project showcase to display and demonstrate their products or services.

The UBC CIC submitted proposals to the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) program to participate in their 2022-2023 capstone program as a client. The three projects the CIC facilitated were the

  • Chat Bot & Recommendation Engine,
  • Innovation Connections – Knowledge Graph, and
  • Remote Mobility Monitoring System.

With the UBC CIC as the client, the ECE students had the support of CIC resources including Amazon Web Services, credits, and technical and project expertise. Aligning with the nature of the CIC’s projects, the capstone solutions are published open-source on the UBC CIC GitHub for public use and deployment.

For more information on the Capstone Program, refer to the ECE’s website:

  • Innovation Connections – Knowledge Graph

    Innovation Connections – Knowledge Graph

    The Innovation Connections Knowledge Graph is a Capstone project completed by students in the Faculty of Engineering for the UBC CIC. The Capstone team PN-32 built a tool for administrators to search for information on researchers to enhance an existing project developed at the UBC CIC.

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  • Remote Mobility Monitoring System

    Remote Mobility Monitoring System

    The Remote Mobility Monitoring System solution was developed by UBC Electrical and Computer Engineering capstone students. The purpose of the project was to develop a solution to collect data remotely so that metrics collected during synchronous meetings are supplemented.

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  • Chat Bot and Recommendation Engine

    Chat Bot and Recommendation Engine

    The Chat Bot and Recommendation Engine is a capstone project completed by students in the Faculty of Engineering for the UBC CIC. It was created to act as a secondary resource when interpreting UBC’s course requirement system and to assist students on academic advising topics.

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