UBC’s CIC is a public-private collaboration between UBC and Amazon. A CIC tackles problems or opportunities that matter to the community, and provides subject matter expertise and CIC leadership to drive innovation and provide digital solutions. UBC’s CIC focuses on Community Health and Wellbeing.

Coronavirus-related Projects

The UBC CIC pivoted quickly in response to to the global pandemic to support challenges presented by COVID-19. The first such project involves the development of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) model to provide additional information to physicians making an assessment. The alpha version of the model has now been released. The second is to improve understanding of COVID-19 by identifying all known Coronaviridae species genomes by re-analyzing 5,750,000 GB of public RNA sequencing data. More about this project (and others) will be available in the coming days.

Local Projects

Projects that aid the CIC’s mission to solve real-world challenges that materially benefit British Columbia.